The Bitch is Back

Well hopefully she is, but as any regular readers know, my ability to keep promises and write every day is a bit poor. However, I’ve gone back over the dates already done, the dates yet to do, thought about how nice it would be if someone thought “ooh! Look at the genius woman. Let us publish her!” and thought “they’re going to want a whole year of nonsense for that.” So here I am. 

As it happens, I’ve made the decision at a reasonably good time, as I was up to June 7th before, with a lot of days missing, so soon you will be able to see June 8th, which is currently running around my head. If you’re reading this now, give me about an hour and June 8th will be with you. If you’re reading it at some future date, stop now and go and read June 8th instead. It may even be funny.

As an aside, they’ve changed stuff since I was last here and I don’t understand it all. That will learn me to stay away for so bloody long!


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